The Mission of MAPPS 

MAPPS president Kelly Francis talks about the exciting future of the trade association 

This article is the first in a series of four focusing on a trade association that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and continues making meaningful impacts in the geospatial community. The first article is an interview with Kelly Francis, current MAPPS president, who discusses the relevance, positive impacts and short- and long-term direction of MAPPS. Future articles will highlight MAPPS initiatives such as federal agency liaison, emerging leaders, and geo-woman programs.  

Kelly Francis is co-president of Aero-Graphics, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, which has been a member of MAPPS for more than 40 years. Like other MAPPS firms, membership has transcended several generations within a family or amalgamation of firms. MAPPS is guided by a board of directors comprised of mostly company principals, many of which have been engaged since the beginning of the association. This provides a unique perspective of the legacy and importance of this profession, while creating the passion to innovate from new perspectives. 

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